Conference Room - interactivity with the public

The events industry is constantly changing, especially the lounges with increasingly demanding and eager visitors. Time or the speaker realized his presentation by one man show and gone. Today, audiences want to be able to ask questions live and act instantaneously at a conference. This is still possible to live in small conferences, but what about the big conferences over 200 people?

How public can ask questions?

It is now no longer a constraint with the advent of tablets and smartphones. It is possible for the organizer to show as the speakers offer interactivity with the use of mobile application specifically designed for it (click here to see the website). Our company specializes in custom design application for lounge and animation conference. But we also offer a range of application for the entire area (map, meeting, etc.).

Smart Q & A

The answer Question tool to make a much more interactive conference between the speakers and participants. Finally the time or the public asks questions at the end of the intervention. With the Smart Tool Q & A, the questions are asked in real time.

Vote / Quiz

The voting and quiz feature allows you to make a playful side events. Visitors can interact with the various exhibitors.


The timeline allows you to see what is happening in real time on the show. It allows exhibitors and speaker to give importance to an animation to highlight an event on a stand.

Who's Here

Who is on the show is the ideal application to meet interesting people. Networking is an important source of business, meet influential people in your industry.

Practical Info

Visitors and stakeholders regularly consult the useful information. The application allows you to stream real-time information about the exhibition, as well as all the necessary changes should be made there!


The calendar feature is a popular application. It allows well before the event, to communicate the different interventions that will at the show. Things not to be missed will be shown on this application.


Contact list on show is a huge professional database. It allows visitors to the event and see who is on the show, the products presented and the coordinates of each exhibitor.


Move on the show and return to the Exhibitor's booth has never been easier. The mobile application "map" allows your visitors to move easily in the event, but also outside. The application locates very precisely to lead to points of interest inevitable.


Make a survey of visitors to the event following their visit or after a conference. This application allows you to measure visitor satisfaction through a questionnaire in order to improve the quality of the event for the next sessions.


Measure across different indicator performance area and the use of applications to drive your event perfectly.


Advertising solutions offered by our applications can still provide more visibility to your customers. Clients can therefore easily be put forward in relation to their competitors and attract the world on their stand or entertainment.

A 100% satisfaction

A study has shown that innovative salons, offering this type of functionality to move and interact in a living room, and got a significant higher compared to other shows satisfaction rates. Indeed, these mobile applications can gain a lot of time (queuing). It also shows that a special effort was made to improve their experience and visit the show.